1. who makes decisions and who controls the procedures?

Since 2013 one Committee makes decision and one other controls the procedures. All members are owners in the house, the payments can be made by two signs and double controls.

Members of the Executive Committee:
Város-Kép Kft. Varga Katalin (president)
Dr. Jánosy Eszter
Dr. Sándor Kinga
Rózsavölgyi Ibolya Linda

Members of the Audit Committee:
Ariel Alejandro Ferstman (president)
Dr. Sándor Tibor
Szijártó Ferenc

2. Bank accounts

The name and the address of the bank:

OTP Bank Nyrt. Budapesti Régió
1077 Budapest, Király utca 49.


ACCOUNT FOR THE OPERATING COSTS (apartment and garage costs)

Account: 11707024-20471169

IBAN: HU36 1170 7024 2047 1169 0000 0000


Foreign exchange: HUF


ACCOUNT FOR HEATING AND COOLING (heating, cooling, water bill, canalage)

Account: 11707024-20471176

IBAN: HU53 1170 7024 2047 1176 0000 0000

BIC (SWIFT) code: otpvhuhb

Foreign exchange: HUF

3. Where can you check your current account?

Every owner and real estate manager got a code which can enter a personal page in this website.

The page:


If you do not have code or do not remember it, please send an email to the eszterhaz@eszterhaz.hu . In your email you should prove your identity and your access rights.

Explanation for the account:


4. Acquisition of the garage remote control



5. Where can I find the most important documents?

Every documents are in Hungarian language.



6. The partners of the house

Insurance - Generali
Guarding - Guardinter Kft.
Legal Representative -
Accountant - Bognár Edina
Cleaning - Csík István egyéni vállalkozó
Gardening - Csík István egyéni vállalkozó
Garage Gate Service - Kapucentrum Kft.
Tűzjelző és szénmonoxid érzékelők karbantartása - Pusztai Attila Egyéni Vállakozó
Szemétszállítás - Közterület Felügyelet
Geotermic healig/cooling - COX-Invest Kft.
Lift Service - Schindler Kft.
Lift Monitoring - Kiskun Monitor Kft.
Lift Annual Verification - Marton Szakértő Kft.
Maintenance on Electric System - Szikes Zoltán Egyéni Vállalkozó


7. Telephone numbers of public interest in Hungary

Fire station: 105
Ambulance: 104
Police: 107
Emergency Call Number: 112

8.Local Governments

Budapest 7th District: +36 1 / 462 3100
More informations:

Budapest 6th District: +36 1 / 872 7272
More informations:

Budapest 5th District: +36 1 / 872 7272
More informations: